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Afropunk 2017

What an experience! Yes I am black! And I have never ever heard of Afropunk!! Rosie got us tickets and all she said was wanna see Sza and Solange! I naturally said cool and that was the last of the event details I got... (insert roll eyes at Rosie here) So many different types of food and dessert trucks I indulged in a Portobello Empanada from Nuchas truck it was delicious it had mozzarella cheese, mushrooms, spinach, and onions all in a spinach dough. You have to hit the city and stop at a truck. I wish I would of took a pic. Dessert we had ice cream sandwiches from Coolhaus (insert heart eyes here) I had a snickerdoodle cookie with vanilla ice cream!! One word Heaven!!

Now on to the festival there were so many fashion creative beauties out. Everyone enjoying good music good food and being expressive about who they are and showing it through fashion and hair. While we were on line trying to get in we heard Macy Gray's performance; but once my tummy was satisfied we headed out to see some performances they had various stage set up we ended up settling at the Gold stage. Keep in mind this is all fresh to me I'm usually trappin' with Our first performer was British singer Sampha. Again everything this day was a first time experience and what a wonderful experience it was. I have never heard of Sampha before and what a soulful experience it was! I loved every song I heard. He sings and he plays instruments he truly is an artist. I'm listening to him now as I create this post. Such good vibes. While we waited for Solange to perform next the DJ kept taking me back to my little Tiqua days playing Luther Vandross, Prince, Two Tons of Fun, Earth, Wind, and Fire, Pattie LaBella, Cameo, the playlist went on and on it was only a few songs that I didn't remember oh how I loved it. I even call my Auntie Wendy so we can sing Luther together like we always do when we hear him. Man the word of the post today is Experience! What a blast. Solange was real, phunky, sass, and fun! Lots of energy I enjoyed her performance as well she interacted with the audience she talked to us it was just great and that is how the night was topped off Solange sent us home!! Before we hopped on the train we ran and grabbed some Junior's strawberry cheesecake. YUMMERS I had to kill it on the train before getting home........shhhhh.......... However, once I crossed that threshold I was exhausted I fell asleep leaning on him drool and all. I was still tired the next day which means my tender age ass needs naps before running the streets....lmao


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