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Weekend Fab Fun

This past weekend was unplanned and full of memories and laughs. We had the cutest visitor baby Matthew!! Him and that ball had to go!! I started it but still!! After I lovingly put him out I tried a new hairstyle with forced help from my aunt. I got the hair style from a YouTuber named Kim her page is TheChicNatural the style was the "Dope 3-Pony Braided Style" I have been watching her videos lately, she has quick and fresh styles that I can actually do! Normally I brag about being left handed we are amazing!! When it comes to hair it's like I have two right hands going wrong.... Anywho that hairstyle earned me an impromptu date night with that Man! Thanks Kim and We hit City Island for some shrimp baskets from my fav childhood place Johnny's Reef I'm sorry you can have all those fancy place on City Island I just love Johnny's shrimp basket with a pina colada! My granddad use to take our family there when I was a child and I enjoyed every moment looking out the telescopes with him, sitting on the car eating laughing getting in trouble. The best time ever and I think of it every-time I get a chance to go. After Johnny's we went to see Girl Trip the movie !!! HILARIOUS two thumbs up!! Now we saw it at the AMC in Bay Plaza I said it was an impromptu date night.I am an AMC premier member I love AMC I really do dine-in theaters are amazing comfort all the way even non-dine in theaters, but this Bay Plaza was a hot mess. The floor was filthy, there was popcorn, soda all over the floor and the movie-goers were RATCHET!! If you have ever been to an AMC you pick your seats in advance so there is no confusion right! Ha there were a few arguments when people were sitting in the wrong seats and refused to move. The nerve of some people. Anywho AMC headquarters would be shocked by this theater... Back to the movie it had us dying the whole time. I would definitely go see it again.

Sunday was a wind down! I ran some errands in the morning looking a hot mess and didn't care not one bit!! The Sweet hustle has been slow. A few weeks ago our apartment building had a gas leak and the gas has been shut off throughout the entire building. So baking is out of the questions so I had to cancel orders with my deepest apologizes. I bought this toaster oven and have been making it work for us I broiled the shrimp, made the salad and picked up some brown rice from our local Spanish restaurant. viola dinner is served. I was


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