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While she is off at camp having fun as you can see. So are the parentals!! It's seems like everyone weekend we are getting into something good!! Last weekend we caught Marlon Wayans at the Levity Club in West Nyack, NY located in Palisades Mall!! Freaking hilarious!! We have all seen Marlon on various shows and movies and he is stupid! To see him in person was the best. I can't find anyone that could top him. He talked about everything from the economy, racism, music, his children, the Karadashians', top topics today and they all had the Marlon hot mess of a twist. The opening act was a comedian named Syndey Castillo, he was just as funny too and apparently him and Marlon are best friends. Well they gave us the best laughs it's a week later and we are still talking about it and telling anyone who will listen how hilarious and such a good time we had. OHHHHHH!! and I tweeted my thoughts on the show and it went semi viral!!! Syndey reposted it on twitter and instagram! Then it was taking and added to a Marlon promo!! It was awesome!! and I was grammar was crap I forgot to put ARE hilarious!!! And it is driving me nuts!! I blame Catholic school English class Ms. Maxon!! bad grammar drives me nuts and when I do it insane!!!! All started with Ms. Maxon!!

Oh here's Marlon and Syndey's twitter and instagram so you can have some laughs too! Oh and click Levity club so you can see what upcoming shows they might have the food was cool and so were the drinks. I had the Pulled Pork sandwich a little too BBQuey but good the Electric Arnold Palmer cocktail was good consist of sweet tea, vodka, and lemonade it was really good. I plan on recreating that bad boy tonight!!! lol

Marlon Wayans Twitter: @MarlonWayans Instagram: MarlonWayans FaceBook:

Syndey Castillo Twitter: @Sydneyisfunny Instagram: Sydneyisfunny

In a nutshell amazing night!!! Amazing times happening!!


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