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Independence Day

I hope everyone had a fab 4th! My family and I spent Saturday at the mall it was Sierah's last day home before she whisk off to Summer camp for 20 days!! (hurtful!) So we did a little shopping and caught a movie " Baby Driver" with Kevin Spacey and Jamie Foxx, pretty good. I spent Sunday morning dropping Sierah off and then running back home because of course she forgot something and then the afternoon at the mall again!!!! OHH before I forget on Saturday a kiosk rep for flat irons grabbed me. My hair was freshly done from the salon, but by time I got to the mall it was cooked. The weather was bipolar on Saturday. Anyway she was sweet and pushy as a sales rep should be. Needless to say he got me the flat iron!! Oh and I love the box too!! It worked wonderfully my hair looked fabulous again. The flat iron was by Pyt Hair and I say it again we love it! I was bad & boujee again lmbo...jk I looked to their website to figure out how could I do something like that, but without standing in a mall. My hustles have to be online. I don't really have the time to run from location to location all the time, plus that's gas and toll money we trying to make money not spend it all!! Another thing I wanted to bring up is my bestie Rosie has decided to create her own online store Bella Shop. I ordered the new strapless bra I need to see what all the hype is about. I hope it holds the twins Check out the store treat yourself. My daughter and I have been talking about starting an online store for about a few weeks now, so it was such a wonderful surprise to see my Rosie took the plunge and did it. Moms we gotta create our own sources of income. We need to have that financial Independence from the daytimer.

So for my actual 4th him and I went to a Yankee game! We had hot sweating semi dehydrating seriously we had a good time and we look good doing it! The Yankees lost, but so what we had some us time. Afterwards we went to city island for a bite but parking was a nightmare and we love our 4 wheel baby so we grabbed some scratch cards from the local deli on the island and headed home! We looked good and no place we could think to go. Still its always great having us time.I'm off this week and I plan to do much searching. I ran some errands, finished a netflix series and of course some blog work. As I am typing now I can tell you with all my heart I am still exhausted as if I went to the daytimer. I just don't know what it is....


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