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Happy Mother's Day

It's our day ladies! A day where we are pampered and appreciated. I had my whole day planned in my head I was going to relax listen to service, watch some movies, maybe do a V-steam and a facial. Yeah that didn't happen! For whatever reason I woke up and I just wanted to show my tribe how much I love and appreciate them. So I got cards, scratch cards, and food to prepare. It's what my heart told me to do and it felt good. Cooking listening to music singing. Knowing I was going to put a smile in their heart. This Mother's Day was different. I never had one like it ever. No Sierah! She won't be home until Friday. 19 years of being a mom and it never crossed my mind I would have one without her. She called me bright and early incoherent, crust in her eye, and probably morning breathe too... lol But it was the best call ever. I guess if she's going to be away at college I have a few more Mother's Day without her. Hmmmm.... I never thought about it until now well that SUCKS

I guess that's why my heart told me to love my tribe heavy today to keep me from seeing reality! Excuse me real quick!! Why is my uncle banging on the door! Where's my mallet!! (you should get less time for a mallet it's rubber right?)

It's my babies!! They surprised us and came home early!!! Oooooou so this post just took a good left. That realization was starting to set in and got snatched away by a bang on the door. So this will be a short post today.

Happy Mother's Day to all you fabulous moms out there! You are doing an amazing job and your family loves and appreciate you. I'm going to lay down and talk to my girl! Remember I cooked for the tribe today. I am exhausted 40 pastelitos rice, cupcakes, and pina coladas all made by yours truly with love!!! I didn't get not one pic either! Food or the girls! I'm slipping! I guess the best moments aren't always captured! Keep enjoying your Mother's Day everyone! Make sure the people you love know you love them.

I leave you with some pics of some fab moms I love!


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