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A lot of moving parts

I wish there was some emojis I got a lot of expressing to do. Time management God Bless anyone that has figured that shit out. It is such a struggle and to tell you the truth I am super exhausted. Anywho enough whining. I came across this sight called and they kind of help you get your posting done for IG, FB, Pin, and Twit. I spent pretty much a ton of hours last week trying to research best content times on IG and Twit, because I really don't care too much for Facebook for my businesses and I know I know that is totally stupid but geez one mastery at a time. I'll get there eventually. Anyway on you get to organize your posting. I sort of misunderstood it and was getting really pissed, because I just knew this was going to be my boom bam week, because I did all this research and then I got my pics in and I worked on a few posting but then they never made it on to my grams.....wth Welll it seems the free version just notifies you to post that specific pic at that time then I'm still trying to figure out why didn't my caption and hashtags go with it. Considering we are still in the re-beginning stages for me I am not ready just yet to shove out the subscription fee for I wonder if I up some dollars will they just post the post for me instead of trying to wake me at 2am to post something. That requires some more reading and if you know me reading and being aggravated about something not flowing smoothly just cooks my corns so that's gonna wait a bit.

However sidebar during my research of best times to post on IG I did some practice runs and I did see an increase in likes, but for the amount a followers I have it should be a shit load more sooo we gotta work.Considering I haven't been posting much and the algorithm with IG I will dance a little for now. No one said it was going to be easy. The thing is I feel overwhelmed ya know. Like as you all know the daytimer wears me out and then homelife does that too and then to sit down and not just work on one business but 3 is a bit much the attention span is everywhere. So as I am typing this I have decided I am going to focus on 1 and it should cultivate them all.....right

I need to bring the buzz back to Sweet Treats By Tiqua, but I also want to officiant weddings so I gotta figure out a way to combine them with taste. Then of course there is bloglife where I can share my sweet hustle of love righhhht seeeeeee how it's connecting. I am not leaving out the background work I actually applied to two different shootings today. I know it sounds crazy and a lot, but I want to live my life on my own terms and enjoy it to the fullest and I am not enjoying it completely right now. There's so little of me showing in it. Today I have been YouTube learning researching alll damn day to get the flow of all of them so it can be cohesive.

That is my it's 11pm I am tired face, but it's not bedtime yet face. Love yourself. I have got to do more of that. You too!!


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