The Exhale section of our blog is just what it's titled Exhale....Truth is sometimes we can't catch that deal on living social.com for Yoga, kickboxing or mediation.. A good kickboxing session or a few swings at the bag is amazing stress reliever....TRUST ME!! Sometimes there isn't time for it so I write. Sooooo if you are having a WTH kind of day which I be honest I have more than I like and it always starts at the 8-4!! If you having a these blasted kids kind of day exhale!! If you are having a I can't take this man anymore exhale!! If you are having a I can't do this &%$# exhale. This is our space to vent and not be judged but to vent receive advice if you like. Send in whatever it is you like and I will post it until I can figure out how you can do it yourself...lol work with me dammit!!!