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Icy and the SugarPop

This week went by super quick! Sierah came home from camp and I showed the man a summertime throwback!! ICY!! That good old school pizza shop icy! My mom use to always treat me to a slice and a icy it was the best. Let's just say he loved it so much he has had one or two a day this whole week. I have indulged too but I think he has me beat. Sierah arrived back to New York on Wednesday afternoon tan tan tanned! First stop? ICY!! lol The work week was the usual couldn't wait til it was over!! This weekend it was lazy and cleaning life for us. I snuck off to the gym great workout I felt in a zone I had a deep thought evening the night before and it carried til the morning so the workout was perfect to push it all through and get back to being me. I asked Sierah to help me clean out the garage and she wore a hazmat suit I don't know what she thought was in there I mean yeah it smells a little bad but a hazmat suit and apparently someone has been storing cat food in my grill.. I don't even want to know why.... So now I am just blogging and looking at my family... Have a fab week!!


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