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September 25, 2019

On August 11th, the family and I gave Sierah and Zaria a nice trunk party at a community room in the neighborhood. I put all my energy and focus into giving them a nice party with friends and family. I needed this to get my mind off the past, off the negativity that wa...

September 25, 2019

You know I complain about not having content to write and I go through my phone and I have all these experiences I've went through. 

Rosie and I went to see Erykah Badu at the Barclay center a man fell on my head. How, could I've forgot that? He had to be about 380lbs m...

April 26, 2019

It's a regular cake night, but with a twist. I decided to watch Beyoncé's Homecoming!! I was in here singing, dancing, and inspired. There are so many things I want to do, but I don't know how to start or where to start. So I have been sitting planning and strategizing...

February 9, 2019

Hey Sugarpops! I hope you all are had a fab week. I wrote my post on Wednesday, but fell asleep again and then last night I went out so here I am Friday. I know your looking at the title waiting to hear what fell off means. In my efforts to earn extra money, develop be...

February 4, 2019

Blessed and grateful to see another year. My family and friends showed me so much love. So many birthday wishes I feel so special. I feel so different about this year. It's going to be EPIC! I really feel it.

I got to hang out with Rosie and Jackie and was treated to a...

January 27, 2019

Yeah 27 days late...lol It's ok!! Merry Christmas!!I Happy New Year!!! Happy MLK Day!!! I know!! I know same s#?% It really is not easy finding your peace, your niche, in this world or even in yourself. I have been off from work the day time gig for the last 10 days an...

November 4, 2018

Just a tad bit late. On October 27th Rosie, plus here childhood friend and I went to a Halloween party at the W Hotel in Time Square. The entire day seemed questionable because of the weather. Plus I kind of was not in the partying mood. I just wanted to relax the past...

October 8, 2018

Hello loves, it was a long and miraclish week. Yeah new word...lol October 5th is the man's birthday Say Happy Birthday to the Man!! We took the day off, but I have been running back and forth tot he hospital, because we had an early arrival who just couldn't wait for...

October 3, 2018

So it has been suggested a bunch a times from the man and Rosie that maybe I should do a YouTube channel. So I finally did it was on my hair. I want  it to be about all kinds of stuff. These particulat videos I was inspired by another YouTuber's hair advice and so I tr...

October 3, 2018

On August 7th at 2:38 AM we said see you later to our beloved Laila SugarPop Williams. She was only 3 months old when she came to us in the month of June on a Sunday afternoon. I remember fussing no dog no dog no dog and obviously I lost and I am so grateful I did. We...

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Tiqua Williams

Hey Moms, I'm glad you stopped by stay look around chit chat, hustle, empower, just dream and live!!

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